Using the ICE-help USB - screenshots
Ver. 0H28

Starting - check photo tab

Starting the ICE-help program (ICE-help.exe) on the USB stick will display the one of following two screens showing the "Contacts" tab. In the images shown the Contact tab is still empty, showing the default message presented to the owner. The difference between the two images below is that in one case the "Photo" tab is present. This will be the case after a photo (or other image) has been uploaded to the program.


Figure 1: ICE-help starting screens (with and without a photo defined)

To view the photo that has been defined, click on the "Photo" tab, and this will be show as in the following screen.


Figure 2: ICE-help tab showing the owner's photo (or any other image)

Inserting photo

When the owner presses Ctrl-E the program goes into the editing mode, in which information in the tabs can be modified. The following image shows the "Photo" tab, without any image, ready for one to be selected using the "Load" button.

After the "Load" button is pressed, and an image selected, the tab will display the image, as shown. To save changes in the informatoin entered in the tabs, including the photo, press the "Save" button. Then, press the "Exit" button to stop the edits.


Figure 3: ICE-help loading the selected photo