ICE-help notes for new owner
Ver. 0H28

1 Welcome

Thank you for your purchase of an ICE-help item(s). To benefit from the ICE-help system you need to carry out a few preliminary steps:

  • register yourself on the ICE-help web site
  • activate the ICE-help items you have, so that they are linked to your user registration
  • enter contact data so that finders can get in touch with you or your designated contacts

After completing the above steps, attach your ICE-help items to your possessions:

  • ICE-help labels to mobile phone, tablet, laptop, camera, wallets, etc.
  • ICE-help tags to suitcases, briefcases, computer and camera bags, keys, car keys, umbrellas, etc.
  • ICE-stick to your home or car keys, or just use it like a tag

At the end of the above process, your possessions will be linked to your information on the web site, and this will enable finders to contact you in case these items are lost.

The following sections will give more details about the stages above. If you have questions with respect to any stage, please use the Contact Us option from the main menu on the ICE-help web site.

2 Registration

Registration as a new user of ICE-help should be your first action. This is carried out by selecting the New User Registration item from the main menu in the web site.

After selecting the Registration option, you will be presented with a form to enter some information about the "owner" of the ICE-help item(s). Please note: the registered owner of the ICE-help item can be different from the person purchasing it, for example, if they are given as a gift to another person.

All fields in the registration form are necessary (except the second phone number), and must be entered. You should also read the Terms and Conditions, by selecting the About Us menu option or the text at the bottom of the main window, and click afterward the check box in the registration form to indicate your acceptance of these.

Click the Register button when finished. After the data is checked and accepted, you will become a "registered user", and can become an "owner" of ICE-help items.

Once registered, you can login on to the ICE-help web site by entering your user name and password selected during the registration process. When logged in you can activate your ICE-help items, and also input data that will be linked to these items in case the items they are attached to are lost. See the following sections for details.

3 Activation

Activation is the process of linking an ICE-help item to a registered ICE-help user, or "owner". Each set of ICE-help items has a unique ID, and this ID is uniquely linked to the owner, for all items in the set. For example: all 5 ICE-help labels of the same set, share the same ID, and are linked to the same owner.

So that only the intended owner can activate his/her ICE-help items, we supply them with a corresponding activation code which must be used during activation. Without this code, the item can not be activated.

To carry out the activation of your new ICE-help item, login to the web site and select the Activate ICE-help item(s) option from the Actions menu. If you need to urgently activate your ICE-help items, please see further on how to do it with an SMS.

You will be shown a short form, requesting the item ID (which appears on the item itself) and the activation code supplied with the new ICE-help item. Once these are entered, press the Activate button.

3.1 Urgent activation

This is suitable for when you have no time to register, or when you can not access the ICE-help web site. It will allow you to activate an ICE-help device, and later on you will need to register on the web site.

To activate by this method please send an SMS to +44-7964-691096 with the following content, separated by spaces or by new lines:

  • ICE-help item ID
  • activation code
  • your name
  • telephone number
  • email address

After your SMS is received it will be entered into the system, and you will receive an SMS confirmation message. You will need at a later stage to register on the web site, and then you will be able to enter additional details to be linked with your ICE-help item.

If your item is found, the entered details above (name, phone and email) will be given to the finder to make contact with you.

4 Input data

After registering and activating your ICE-help items, you can enter information that will be shown to finders of your possessions tagged with ICE-help.

After logging on to the ICE-help web site, a new User Menu will become available. From this menu, select the ICE-help items data option, and all information that is currently available for the logged in user ("owner") will be displayed. The menu will open into the following sub-menus, also available as buttons at the top of the screen, which will allow you to create or modify this data:

  • Edit travel information - here you can specify if to show the owner details to finders, select a message to the finder, and enter some details about your travel (airline, or other information)
  • New location - ICE-help allows you to define different locations and link these with different people. For example, you spend time in the USA and in the UK, and in each location you have people that can be contacted by the finder if your possessions are lost. Use the New location to add a location, and enter also the time period that you are going to be spending at this location.
  • Edit locations - here you can edit and change previous locations, for example, by entering new dates for a location.
  • New contact - here you enter details about contacts: name, phone and email. Please check with your contacts, and inform them before you enter their details in the ICE-help web site. Each contact can be a general contact, valid for all locations, or can be linked to a specific location.
  • Edit contacts - you can change the contact details, as well as the locations connected with a contact.

4.1 Global contacts

Remember the unique feature of ICE-help: for each location, you can have local contacts, which will make finders more likely to call them and return your possessions.

One of the unique features of ICE-help is its global contacts, when you can define local contacts in each location where you are going to be. In order to take advantage of this feature you need to:

  • define the location and the time range in which this location is to be active
  • assign specific contacts to this location
  • for contacts that should always be contacted for lost items, you need to specify that they apply EVERYWHERE

5 ICE-stick additional options

5.1 Edit mode

After inserting the ICE-stick USB into the USB port of a computer and executing the ICE-help.exe program the program will be shown the "Contacts" tab, with the contact details that you entered. In addition to the "Contacts", four other information tabas will be shown: "Medical", "General", "Photo" and "About". Whatever message/information you enter in any of the tabs, will be shown to the finder in this window.

After you (the owner) load ICE-help.exe, press Ctrl-E (the Control key and the letter E on the keyboard) at the same time. The ICE-help window will switch to Edit Mode, which allows you to update/create your own messages, and also gives further (protected) access to ICE-docs.

After creating your own messages in the various tabs/categories, remember to save it. Next time that the program is executed it will be displayed.

When in Edit mode, you can enter information about contacts, about medical conditions, and any other information that you want to provide for whoever runs the ICE-help program on the USB. You can also enter information that you have entered into the web site, using the "Import" button from the "Contacts" tab, as detailed in the next section.

Remember that the ICE-stick can be used when it is lost, or when the finder might need some urgent information about you (for example by medical services, or ambulance crew members).

To load a photo that will be shown in the "Photo" tab, just press the "Load" button and select it from your files. The format of the photo should be roughly square, and its size will be adjusted to fit in the available space. After selecting the photo, it will be copied to the ICE-help USB, and will be shown next time when the program is loaded. Remember to save the changes, by pressng the "Save" button.

For more help in using and updating the ICE-help USB stick see the help document with descriptive screens in the ICE-help web site Help menu.

5.2 Using contact data from web site

The ICE-stick can take both contact details and additional information about the "owner". Within the Edit Mode it is possible to transfer the information that is currently available on the web site, therefore saving the time to enter this information.

To transfer the information entered on the web site to the USB stick, you will need to provide to the program your username used in the ICE-help web site, along with the ID of the ICE-help USB stick. See previous sections about registration on the web site and activation of and ICE-help item.

5.3 ICE-docs

ICE-docs is a new feature available on the ICE-stick. It allows documents to be stored in the USB in an encrypted way, which will only be accessible via an additional password.

The initial password set for your ICE-docs container (stored in your ICE-help USB stick) is "ice-help" (all in lower case and without the quotes). After entering your data you should change it to something else!

The ICE-help web site has more information and suggestions about how to select a suitable password. The encryption used in the ICE-docs container is very reliable (known as strong AES-256 encryption), as long as the password selected is also difficult to guess or to arrive at using dictionary attacks or brute force. Further details about the type of encryption used can be obtained by searching the web.

Another unique feature of ICE-docs is that it does not require Administrator access to the computer running the program in order to open the encrypted archive with the documents. As a result, it will be operational even when the "owner" is using a computer without Administrator privileges (such as in an Internet café)

6 Last words and activation codes

Use the ICE-help items and update the system whenever you travel and have local contacts that are willing to help recover your lost items. After a while, you will make sure that all your items have tags or labels, and that the information linked to them is accurate and relevant to the time and location where you are.

If at any stage you have additional questions, or comments and suggestions, we would be pleased to hear from you: send an email to, and we will reply promptly.

Your subscription to the ICE-help system is valid for 2 years from the date of receipt of the ICE-help items. Please register and activate them as soon as received.

The activation codes for the ICE-help items that you have purchased are given following these lines. Each unique ICE-help ID has a unique activation code. Please use them for activation, and destroy them afterward, as they can not be reused.

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