How it works?

ICE-help items

ICE-help functions as an on-line tagging, tracking and identity service that facilitate the return of any lost item. ICE-help comes as:

Each item allows the finder of a lost item to connect with the owner (or his/her local contacts) via this web site, or, by sending an SMS message. Each ICE-help item has a unique ID number, linked to the owner which allows accessing the on-line information about the owner in order to return the item. Very useful for a traveller, a vulnerable person, or even a pet.

ICE-help USB

In addition to the tagging options, as in the ICE-help labels and tags, our flagship product the ICE-help USB does much more than tagging.

Uses The ICE-help USB can be used when peace-of-mind is the main concern. Whether you are taking a class on a school trip or caring for a vulnerable person, the ICE-help USB key allows quick on-line access to information, which can save precious time to help the carrier of the device.

Most importantly, the ICE-help USB stick works off-line: an internet connection is NOT necessary to access the data that is submitted to the finder. This information, is the same that would be given if the finder used the web site to report a lost item. The additional personal data on the device is accessible only by the owner, and not shown to the finder of the device.

Extreme sports and activities The ICE-help USB in combination with labels and/or tags provides a total information service.

Costs and subscription

Each ICE-help item and combinations of then can be purchased from this web site, or from Amazon. For new purchases, the service will be provided for one year at least.

After the first year, a modest annual subscription fee will apply, to maintain the service availability and the quick contact with owners of ICE-help items. The subscription fee request will be sent to the registered user, which will have a limited period to renew the ICE-help service. The current subscription fee amounts to £7 for an additional period of 2 years.