ICE-help Standard Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy

ICE-help Standard Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy

1. Introduction

Please read these terms carefully. You can print/keep a copy of them for future reference..

Definitions Explanation
ICE-help tag tag with a special ICE-help ID
ICE-help label sticky label with a special ICE-help ID
ICE-stick USB USB storage device, with ICE-help software and special ICE-help ID
ICE-help software software for the ICE-stick, including ICE-docs software
ICE-help service/subscription service provided by ICE-help web site to owners of ICE-help items
ICE-help web-site Internet system designed to manage the use of ICE-help devices, through contact between owners, finders and the ICE-help company
ICE-docs unique documents storage software, included with the ICE-stick
Owner registered user and owner of an ICE-help item
Finder individual who finds and ICE-help item
Other licenses licenses for other hardware or software items used in the ICE-help system: these will be mentioned within their usage

2. About us

ICE-help operates as a trading name for Franside Limited, a limited company registered in England:

  • Company No: 02295474; VAT registration: 524705556
  • Registered address: 22 Broomsleigh Street, London NW6 1QH, UK
  • Email:

The website is owned and operated by Franside Ltd.

3. Products

The ICE-help system consists of hardware, software and subscription products, that work together to enable finders to contact owner and their contacts. Please see the definition of the various products in the previous section. In summary, the products provided consist of:

  • hardware products consist of the ICE-help USB device, ICE-help tags and ICE-help labels, which are used to tag equipment to facilitate its return in case they get lost.
  • a subscription to the service provided by the ICE-help web site for a fixed period of 24 months (2 years), included with the purchase of any ICE-help item, from the purchase date. This subscription allows the owner to maintain the contact information to be displayed to the finder of an ICE-help item on the ICE-help web site.
  • software: the ICE-help USB device, ICE-stick, has proprietary software that displays additional information about the user, to be used In Case of Emergency. This information will be shown when the purpose built software in the USB is run, or when other files created by the ICE-help software with the owner information are displayed in the finder browser.
  • the ICE-stick includes additional software, ICE-docs, which can be used to securely store confidential information important to the owner of the device. A separate license covers this software, see the ICE-docs web site.
  • to renew your subscription after your standard subscription period has expired you must log onto the website and select the Renew Subscription option. The renewal fee is clearly stated in the web site, and may change from time to time.

None of the ICE-help products guarantee the return of items that are tagged or labeled with them, and ICE-help does not offer a recovery and returns service.

3.1. Making a contract with us

When you place an order with us you are making an offer to buy goods. In the event of a particular product being unavailable no payment will be taken from your debit/credit card. If it was taken and subsequently the product becomes unavailable, a full refund will be given.

On acceptance of your order, and on condition that the products are available, we will send you an e-mail to confirm your order and take payment.

3.2. Software and hardware warranties

The unique ICE-help software has been installed and tested on your ICE-stick before dispatch, and it has been found to be working well and free of any malware/viruses/unwanted software. Nevertheless, bugs in the software may be found after shipping, or upgrades to the software may be necessary or recommended for adding additional functionality. ICE-help will notify you of these software changes, and will provide you with a link to download upgrades to the ICE-help software.

ICE-help will repair or replace any item within 12 months of purchase, except when the usage of the item is deemed to be unusual. This covers your ICE-stick, tags and labels, as well as software upgrades to the ICE-stick.

4. Ordering

4.1. Ordering process in the web site

  • select which ICE-help product, or products, you wish to buy, and press the Add to cart button.
  • after selecting product(s) press the Order button. You will be shown a summary of your order, and will be asked to enter your shipping region, for the calculation of delivery costs and the total amount of the order.
  • press the Confirm button, and you will be taken to a new screen, to enter the customer details, along with the delivery address and special instructions for delivery. You will be then given an option to read this document and agree to these Terms and Conditions. At this point and we recommend that you print a copy for your records.
  • In every transaction carried out with us you will be asked to indicate that you have read and accept our Standard Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy document by ticking the relevant check-box when entering the Customer details.
  • pressing now the confim will ask you to go to checkout operated by PayPal.
  • upon receipt of your order and the payment confirmation from PayPal, we will ship your order within 1 working day. Please note: ICE-help uses only secure payment methods and your payment details cannot be divulged or accessed by a third party.

4.2. Delivery

The delivery charge for each order placed with ICE-help is calculated during the summary of the order, and it is clearly indicated. Posting of ICE-help items will be by First Class post, on the next following working day.

If for some reason your order does not arrive to you after a reasonable time, we will supply new products and cancel the ID's of the ICE-help items that have been lost, making these items unusable in the ICE-help system.

4.3. Cancellations and returns

You can cancel your contract with ICE-help at any time up to 7 working days AFTER receipt of the products. You do not have to give any reason for cancellation but a brief explanation will enable us to improve the products and service we offer to customers.

In the event of cancellation you must return the goods to us AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE and IN AS NEW CONDITION. On receipt of the items we will refund the price of the items in full, including postage (but will not refund the postage paid to return the item).

Failure to return the goods will result in no refund being made.

This cancellation policy does not affect your legal rights, for example, if the items are faulty or damaged. In this case, please give us as much details as possible so that we can remedy the problem.

5. Data protection

5.1. General

By using the ICE-help web site you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information under the terms of this document.

We at ICE-help have access to your information, and are the data controller for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998. We own the data that we collect on the Website and our contact address is given in the About us section of this document.

We will do our best to protect your on-line privacy and the data that you supply to the ICE-help web site. This applies both to your personal data, and to contacts and location information that you may enter.

5.2. Location of data

Information collected by the web site is stored within the following places:

  • the European Union, in London - backups of the web site data
  • the servers provider by our ISP in the USA

5.3. Use of your data

The data you provide is used for the following purposes:

  • administration of your account with ICE-help, including anonymous statistical analysis.
  • provide you with access to the website and its services, and to tell you about important changes and developments to the ICE-help service.
  • allowing you or your contacts to be reached in case an item tagged with an ICE-help product is found. When a finder reports a lost item, your personal contact details and/or your designated contact's details will be passed to the finder to allow him/her to return the found item. You have an option when entering your personal details to select what information should be shown to the finder.

We will not give, pass or sell to any third parties any part of the information that you submit to this web site and which could be used to identify you or your business, except in compliance with an official request from a law enforcement agency.

5.4. Data security

It is your responsibility to keep your user name and password safe.

If you become aware or suspect that your password or username has/have been accidentally disclosed, or of unauthorized use of your account, you must report this to us immediately. After we verify your report, we will then take steps to disable your account as quickly as possible, and will issue you with a new set of username and password to use your account.

We can refuse to provide the ICE-help to any person where that person does not provide sufficient evidence (in our opinion) that they are authorised by you to use your account. But, when we do provide service to others, you will be responsible for all charges.

In the event that you report to us that all your ICE-help items have been stolen, we will replace them with a new set, and charge you only a nominal fee. We will then cancel the registration or/and activation status of the stolen items.

5.5. On-line information

We may collect information about your computer for statistical purposes.

This website has no program or method that obtains personal information from your computer without your consent.

We may use cookies to identify your computer when you use the Website. This is a file sent by the Website to your computer. It is used by the Website for identification purposes, and to improve the Website by providing a more personalised service. You can opt out from this by configuring your browser to refuse or restrict the use of cookies.

If you have any questions or concerns about the data protection aspects, or our privacy policy, please Contact Us using the link in the main menu.

6. Termination of service

6.1. Misuse of the service

If we consider that you are misusing the ICE-help service, we will terminate your account with us and restore the relative part of payments received from you. We will not need to have your agreement to this, but will inform you of the closure of the account.

6.2. Removal from the web site database

Upon receipt and confirmation of your request, your data in the web site will be safely deleted. Recent backups of the web site will not be changed at the time of your request, but after a full backup cycle they will be completely removed.

Your registration or activation of ICE-help items purchased or received will become invalid, and you should destroy these items.

7. Updates to Term and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are valid from November 11th, 2013. Previous versions can be viewed in the following link: Terms and conditions to 11-11-2013

These Terms and Conditions apply to your order of ICE-help products and to your use of the ICE-help web site. We may change them from time to time so please do not assume that the same terms will apply to any future order, and you will be directed to the updated Terms and Conditions document whenever you purchase items from, or make changes to your account with ICE-help.

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